The Pea Droplets 140+'s Tribe Wall

LOOKING FOR MEMBERS THAT CAN FEED TO 140 A WEEK. Join this discord server if interested:, then dm @toshioiscool for details.
TOSHIO 89151861KL  
The Pea Droplets tribe is a weekly top 10 tribe that is currently looking for new members that can feed to at least level 140 (around 940k shards) PER WEEK.

If you are interested in joining us, follow the steps in our description in order to secure your spot in the tribe, or add to our wall detailing us with your friend code, username, and what level you can feed up to (we will ask this on discord as well).

We hope to see you in our tribe.

NOTE: Our actual level requirement is 160, but we allow members to join only feeding up to level 140 as long as you are willing to work on your shard farms in order to reach level 160.
TOSHIO 89151861KL