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Please Read at least #1 and #2 if nothing else before registering
  1. WishingTorch.com is NOT CONNECTED in any way to Big Blue Bubble, or My Singing Monsters.
    Nothing on this site directly effects actual game play, including lighting of wishing torches in the game or effecting friends lists in the game.
  2. Read #1 again.
  3. WishingTorch.com is a simple way for you to track who you light for, and who lights for you. Just follow these simple steps:
    • Register. Please make sure the display name is the same on the site as in your game so people can find you.
    • Login.
    • Order your islands in the order you would like torches lit on. Simply slide them left or right to sort.
    • Check your Account Details page for available options.
    • Check the Home page for a list of this week's people who light torches. Click the Friend link to add them to your list.
    • View your Account Page to see the freinds you have added.
    • Light a torch on each of your friends islands in the prefered order they have indicated in the game.
    • Click on the corresponding island on the site to the island and friend you have just lit on.
    • Repeat for all your other friends.
    • If you click on the worng island, a small X icon will show for 15 seconds for you to correct it.
    • If all torches are lit, click the 'All Lit' button.
  4. Clicking on an island will show a flame icon for 24hrs. You can only indicate you have lit for someone once in a 24hr period.
  5. If you click the 'All Lit' button you can still come back at any time and light a torch on an island.
  6. This site is set up to provide a small community of like minded players on My Singing Monsters who want to reliably get their torches lit. It is not intended for people who want to get their torches lit but not light any in return. We do have several systems in place that will help us flag up any players trying to game the system.
  7. If you feel you will not be able to return lighting favors, please do not sign up on this site.
  8. Read #1 again for good measure.

Click Here to register if you are sure you understand the above (especially #1).

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Clicking an Island on this site also lights a torch in the game:

You should use the same name on this site and in the game:

If you have registered but are having trouble activating your account, please send an email to team@wishingtorch.com
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