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Wishing Torch guide

For a very quick start guide with images, click HERE.

Below is a guide to how WishingTorch.com can enhance your My Singing Monsters experience in helping you find a great bunch of people to light torches for and get lit in return. Remember, WishingTorch.com is not connected to the official game so friends have to be added in both the game and on the site. This site is best used on a separate device to the one you are using for the game. It is much easier to have both the site and game open on different devices as cross reference when you are playing.

Quick Start Guide
  1. Register on WishingTorch.com - Here
  2. Log into your account and sort (by sliding) your islands in the order you would like torches lit - Here
  3. Add friends to your WishingTorch.com list by going to the home page and finding players to add to your list - Here
    • Some players will not have an add link as they are currently not accepting additional friends.
  4. Add the same friend to your In Game friends list as you add players on WishingTorch.com. This is VERY important!
  5. Go to your main Friend's Islands account page - Here
  6. Find the first person on your list and then find them in your game. Click on their name In Game to go to their island select screen
  7. **Do NOT rely on the In Game flame indicator on the friend list screen, or the In Game flame tab, to tell if someone needs a torch lit or not. It is not reliable and is often wrong.
  8. Using the order of islands your friend has placed their islands in on the WishingTorch.com as a reference, click on the first island that has a free torch to light and light it In Game
  9. Click on the corresponding island on WishingTorch.com to indicate to that player where you have lit for them. A small X icon will appear for 30 seconds that will allow you to correct the click is you made a mistake.
  10. If after checking on the Island Select Screen (not the friend select screen) you find they have no torches to light, you can click the "All Lit" island on the website to indicate to the player that you checked their islands but did not find any torches to light.
    • The "All Lit" icon is not a short cut for making it look like you are making an effort. It is only to be clicked when you have double checked that there are no torches to light on any islands. You can come back to your list again and click on an island if you find one available later.
  11. Continue through your list until you have checked every friend on your list.
We have provided some additional tools that will help you decide which players to keep lighting for and which ones do not play at the same frequency as you. Remember, we all play at different speeds due to many influences in our lives. Try and choose players that play at your frequency to avoid frustration. Some players light several times a day and expect the same effort. Although it may be inviting to friend everyone who plays everyday, if you only light twice a week you will find yourself quickly dropped from their lists.

We have added a frequency rating to help you decide who to be friends with. The legend is on the home page. The more stars someone has the more frequently they indicate on the site. People with fewer stars are NOT bad players, they might not be able to light on the weekends, or only light on the weekends. Pick players that play at your speed. Players who have hearts instead of stars are players who have contributed to the running costs of the site for that month. Thank you to everyone who has contributed!

There are and icons on the Friends Islands page against each player. This will provide you with more information on that player which you may find useful. There are also filters at the top of the list that will hide people you have already lit for, and show you who has lit for you in the last 48 hours.

Other pages of interest are the "Who Lit For You" page. This page will show you all the people you have lit for you over the last 7 days. You will see both a and icon against each entry. Clicking on these icons is completely optional but does help us greatly in managing members. If you KNOW that am indication of a torch lighting is not correct, please report it by clicking on the cross. If you KNOW a torch lighting is correct, please click on the tick. Now the game shows the name of the person who lit the torch it is easy to know who is lighting honestly and who isn't.

Your "Account Details" page has various options for your account. Here you can change your display name on the site (it is important that it matches your in game name so friends can find you), your email address, if you need report emails, if you are accepting new friends, and you can also add a short note that will appear under your island list on your friend's pages.

Feel free to come and say hi on The Wall!

The Wishing Torch Team.
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